Bridal Trial

How To Make The Most Of Your Bridal Trial

Trials can always be a bit of a minefield when it comes to knowing what you want or how to get prepared for it. So, I have created some tips to help you prepare for your hair and/or makeup trial:

  • The internet is such a great place to start when it comes to gathering inspiration for your trial. Pinterest is brilliant for gathering images and creating inspiration boards ready for you trial.
  • You may not always find the exact style you have in mind but a collection of images will help to get a feel for the look you are going for. Please remember that a lot of images are often heavily edited and not an accurate representation of our skin.
  • When do you feel most confident? Is it when you are wearing natural toned down makeup or a bold red lip? You might even prefer a dramatic winged liner, whatever you like we can incorporate into your perfect look.
  • How do you normally wear your hair? If you prefer your hair down, then wear it down and if you love wearing your hair up and out of the way then look for up-dos. It’s your day so you need to feel comfortable.
  • What style is your dress? This will help a lot with your hair, if your dress is detailed around the neck, you might want to wear your hair up to show it off. If your dress has a certain colour on it we can use that to inspire your makeup.
  • How much makeup do you wear every day? - You don’t need to wear heavy/full-on makeup just because you’re getting married, a lot of the time less is more and natural glowing look will work perfectly.
  • What is your colour scheme? You may want to use these colours in your makeup. If you’re going for a blush pink, pink eyeshadow can help bring your whole look together. Or maybe you might want a colour that is opposite so it stands out more.
  • Are there any celebrities that inspire your personal style? When can use this a base to plan your look.
  • Honestly, I wish I were a magician as that would make my life a lot easier and I could get rid of those pesky breakouts or fine lines in a flash, but I’m not. So preparation is an essential part of preparing for not only your trial, but your big day too.
  • Staying hydrated will help your skin and hair, as well as getting regular trims to keep your hair looking healthy. A good skin care regime is especially important as it will create the best canvas for me to work on.
  • Regular face masks and exfoliation along with daily cleansing, toning and moisturising will work wonders for your skin. And don’t forget to get your brows looking on point too.
  • If you are particularly concerned about your skin, then I can work with you and recommend a personalised skin care routine. If this is something you are interested in, get in touch with me to book your free skincare consultation.
    • I always tell my clients to wash their hair the day before, this goes for your wedding day as well. Also avoid using heated tools as this will affect how your hair styles. Freshly washed hair is harder to work on and won’t hold as easily, so for a longer lasting style it’s best if your hair isn’t freshly washed.
    • For your skin, I suggest to come fresher faced after doing your normal daily skincare routine. This will help create a good base for your makeup and help me to see what your skin the is so I can use products that best suit your skin.
    • Another good tip is to wear a top that is the same colour as your dress, this will help you get the feel of the how your hair and makeup will look with your dress.
      • I recommend to book your trial about 3-5 months before your wedding date and after you’ve bought your dress. Bringing a photo of you dress with you will help us to plan your hair and makeup to fit with the dress. After all, this is the most important dress you’ll ever wear so we want to show it off.
      • During daylight hours is always best to work in but I do have a ring light as well. Weekends are not the best time for me as they are most popular days to get married, so weekdays are best. However, if you have a particularly busy schedule we can work something out to bust suit you.
      • Definitely bring with you any hair accessories or a veil you wish to wear as we can see how it works with your look. If you don’t have them, don’t worry a I’m used to working without them and I’ll leave plenty of time on the day to adorn your hair.
      • I don’t suggest to bring anyone with you except one person if you wish. If you would like to bring someone, then chose someone you trust to be honest and has good vibes, this is a happy occasion all about you so do not let anyone ruin it. If you are bringing someone, please let me know in advance so I can make your tea or coffee ready for your arrival.
        • It’s a good idea to keep your hair and makeup on for a few hours after your trial, this is so you can get used to wearing it.
        • It’s good to wear your hair and makeup ‘look’ for an hour or so and take a look at it in different mirrors in your home to get used to it.